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denie the founders of tree planting goharfam
IRAN KHODRO seniority managers visit GOHARFAM company
receive the certificate of consumer right protection
color of the year 2017

Goharfam industrial company in line with the company's goals and strategy in line with the international market and to increase its share of the market, especially in the Middle East with the raise be production and raise the quality and variety of products has a foot in the international arena and international markets with a lot of envious strategy tends to attract and increase sales to neighboring countries, and in this competitive market share very nice figure calls

Goharfam Industrial Corporation to expand its R&D unit plans University of the elite that the new formulation for a variety of products and colors and pitches have so that we can have cooperation to upgrade the scientific level and raise the quality and variety of products is an important step in this field of injustice so invites student elite comes up their ideas and design and industrial company goharfam in this regard, we welcome the student of elite and have a height of In order to link the University and industry is a great injustice to step up growth and flourishing of the elite in this field.


goharfam industrial company could attract alot customers and improved market view, with increasing market share in the first six month of 95 In this way, this company with increasing & developing production volume specialy in production of color for car and plane achieved significant sales in the market

Goharfam company attended the exhibition paints, resins, industrial coatings and composite materials

Sixteenth to Nineteenth International Permanent Fairground Milad Hall 31A Booth No. 30

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