Gohar shades with a production capacity of approximately 4000 tons per year major manufacturers including powder color in Iran. Manufacture of paints, epoxy, polyester and epoxy base _ made of polyester with the use of the most modern industrial machinery and equipment, which is done in University shades and different tissues with high gloss and including hammer, metallic leather, brushing, etc. is available. The advantages of powder paints in comparison with liquid paints can be used to prevent environmental pollution by eliminating solvents, storage life, being much increased production with better efficiency and superior quality, ease of use and transport the waste to a minimum, while consumption, high quality and efficient energy storage space and atmospheric. According to the specifications of the good mechanical and chemical dyes, these type of paint can be used for coating electronic appliances, household, Office, construction, agricultural, automobile parts, as well as similar cases which require high-quality colour is used. Powder coatings with electro static spraying systems employing manual, automatic or conductive surfaces and can be used as an oven


1-Epoxy paint- polyester, crona PC- H (hybrid)      

 2-Epoxy paint- polyester, tribo PC- H (hybrid, tribo)

3-Epoxy paint- polyester, killer and transparent PC- HC (clear, transparent)

4-Epoxy paint- polyester, leather PC- HW (hybrid)

5-Epoxy paint- polyester, hammer PC- HW (hybrid)

6-Epoxy paint- polyester, grind PC- HS (hybrid) 

 7-Epoxy  paint- polyester, metallic

  8-paint- polyester, crona

  9-paint- polyester, tribo 

 10-paint- polyester, killer and transparent

 11-paint- polyester, leather

 12-paint- polyester, paint- polyester, metallic

  13-paint- polyester, grind