Goharfam Industrial and Manufacturing Company, producing all types of industrial resins, OEM paints, pretreatment chemicals before coating, industrial coating, coating for plastic industries, traffic coating, plastisole and underbody coating for automobile industries, aerospace coatings, coil coating for steel manufacturing industries, packing coatings and powder coating for all types of industries since 1989. 

At the moment this company is the main supplier of OEM paints, industrial paints, powder coating and aerospace coating in the country. 

This company looking for cooperation as JV, under license, purchasing formulation from well-known companies to produce and sale. 

This company belong %100 to Taavoni Etebar Iran Khodro Holding Co. which has more than 60 thousand members which are all personnel of Iran Khodro which is the largest automobile manufacturing company in Iran has manufactured 650 thousand automobiles last year. 

The turnover of Goharfam Company for last year was more than 16 million Euro