Proper coatings for steel industries



In order to produce painted plates in steel industry in the country, Goharfam Industrial Manufacturing started searching about Special protective coatings production for steel industry in 2004.

This polyester resins based paint in different colors and shining is proper for painting coil plates of galvanized type to be used in ceiling, façade, interior accessories as formulated and have the following features:

Flexibility, very good stability against climatic conditions      

Coil coating included:

1-polyester coating paint

2-Polyester lining (chromate)

3-Polyester lining (non- chromate)

4-Epoxy lining (chromate)

5-Epoxy lining (non- chromate)

6-Polyester plate back paint (chromate)

7-Polyester plate back paint (non- chromate)

8-Epoxy plate back paint