Tri Cationic zinc phosphate main material (floating) GARDOBOND 24 TA

This product is based on heavy metals such as Zn and Ni formulated as solved in water and applied on steel and galvanized steel in spraying method, using it as preparation material  prior to painting shall increase resistance against adhesiveness and improve of mechanical features

Technical specifications:


Clear Liquid











Density (gr/ cm3)

1.605 +/- 0.015








2.5 +/- 0.5




















Keep in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, inside capped original packs, in relative moisture less than 80% and temp 25-35C


250kg PE containers

Usage guide:

To prepare tri cationic phosphate bath first of all solve 21.4kg of GARDO 1101 together with additives of GADRO H 7001, GARDO H 7000, GARDO H 0027, GARDO F-LSG, GARDO H 2017 in industrial water and then make the temp reach 50-55C and spray with 0.7-1.5ATM and in 1.5-3mins

Refer to relevant specs for the additives


use proper goggles, gloves and mask upon working.